December 22, 2013

– o – o – o – o – o – o- o – o – o – o – o – o –

Who I am really? Where are we going?

Trapped in an erroneous picture world,
magical attraction of meaningful words
give us sense in our self created reality!

Expressions of common mind property, –
all spaces filled up with too many words!
There is no sharing of *truth*! What is it?

Finding confirmation for one’s self image
wanting much more to feed ego’s identity
getting one’s feeling of existence out of it?

Is there a way out of our established goals
that motivate all actions of our daily life?
Keeping us busy and occupied, confirmed!

When gathering with like minded people
we find support in what we like and seek
real information can be ignored as always.

No doubt: We are all stuck in a huge game
trying to fulfill goals and values in our life
as result from misunderstanding since long!

We can not come together electronically!
Isn’t missing there a most essential link?
It doesn’t feel right! What could this be?

Knowing that all answers will be filtered
accepted only when fit to one’s mindset
ignored or rejected – if pictures are hurt!

Isn’t it time now, – after all our struggling
to wake up – having some serious doubts
questioning oneself and our surrounding?

Words can have deep essential meaning
but will stay cold, not reaching hearts! –
Even though we share our best with all.

No knowledge, confirmation, manipulation
on whatever available used human level,
can make us *grow*, – – – just readiness!

When we share with others what we *are*
giving helping hands if there are needs –
together we go beyond mind’s boundaries.

Now I see: It needs one’s touching hand!
When looking directly into your eyes, –
*presence* will allow our energy to flow!

Then our words can reach other *beings*
meaning can help, but will stay ‘stand by’!
A real ‘wireless’ transmission is realized!

Through one’s ordinary life happenings –
as stepping stones on one’s pathless path
relating, responding, gaining *awareness*.

Reactions show clearly one’s old programs
where one is conditioned in one’s mindset
becoming aware of these – will free oneself.

Only one’s *awareness* makes it possible –
to see all the clever tricks to stay untouched.
These will drop by itself when going beyond.

Finally realizing that nameless – – *ONE* – –
free from sense-giving meaning or any form.
*B e i n g* is expanded beyond all horizons!

Walking the *pathless path* free and aimless
goals and values are falling together into one
*Spaceless space* – has been reached within!


I wrote this poem with the intention,
that it might provoke serious questions
coming out of one’s personal urge, –
to go beyond one’s old worn out ‘ego’
the illusion of a separated existence
manifested in an erroneous mindset!

This poem is the first after ten years

not having written any poetry.


What survives when being ‘reborn’?

December 20, 2009

Reborn out of the MudWhat survives the process of dismantling beliefs, concepts and ones self-image?

The ‘old foundation of Self’ is established in one’s personality with one is completely identified. With all the property that we have established during our personal life through education and all kind of influences that we have received, mainly as being part of society. Included of course in our personality is also being identified with our body, mind and emotions and all the experiences with sensations that are coming out of these, that are mostly reactions provoked by outside conditions and happenings. Most frustration and disappointments and all stress we cause by holding tied our concepts and our self-image and we live with the discrepancy between the daily reality that shows up and the unconscious program that we have installed.
The image ‘being reborn’ is loaded with spiritual/religious concepts, but it is simply the result of ‘dismantling’ the personality. What ‘survives’ the growing process of an individual after being ‘transformed’ is not possible to describe without using images that are already part of our conceptual world.
So, – what survives is the awareness of ones *pure existence*, what does not exclude ones vehicles that one will continue to use: Ones body, mind and emotions. In this ‘reborn’ state of being are no identification games involved. Then indeed you are: “self-confident, gentle, kind and joyful with yourself and others” beside many other new features that are real and authentic and not just the intention to live ones concepts.
One can share ideas, but with these one can not answer such a question, except by turning around it. The answer can only come out of a state having gone through the process of transformation and realization. Even though then this answer only can use words that are part of our limited conceptual world view. Our life is a learning, growing and healing process and we all will come to the state when we will have realized ourself and will leave our personality behind, that is just an illusion and part of our fake reality we are living in this society in its present state of transition, – to a new step of our human evolution…
What might be the following question?
Let’s continue this interesting topic together, so ask your question here…

A Talk about Meditation

December 7, 2009

Question: I am trying various meditation techniques since a few months. I am curious to know about your meditation, what is your technique?
BeiYin: A technique for what? I have no technique, I just meditate.
Q: Have  you tried any meditation techniques?
BeiYin: Yes, forty years ago I have tried many different techniques, any kind that was available and there were a lot because in this time I know  several yogis and meditation gurus apart that I read a lot of books about it.
Comment: I tried watching the breath (useful because it is a regular rhythmic process that can return you to it when you wander), saying a chant (interesting because I split into two:  one that chants and one that watches), various visualization types (meditation books describe many), 1000  petal lotus (a free association type), a few guided types (in a local buddhist center, in a meditation class, etc…), mindfulness (where you do little except to be fully aware of what it is you are doing or experiencing, like the zen tea ceremony).
I also studied self-hypnosis, progressive relaxation, alpha brain wave mind control (with biofeedback instruments), Alpha Dynamics (similar to Silva Mind Control)…
A meditation instructor told me that I should be seeking nothing,  when I was trying for all the various phenomenon that everyone else in the class was having (flights of fancy like regular or lucid dreams, of which I also studied and have had 1000+). The other meditators experiences sounded cool, but I got nothing but blackness and blankness, and the instructor said I should pursue that (adding that I was the highest evolved meditator in the class, which I quickly discounted as I felt I was getting “nothing”).   It was shortly after this that I found “no-mind” meditation, or the quieting and stilling of the mind, without seeking any other sensory or internal phenomenon, the results of which were more dramatic than any other technique I tried, for what I wanted, which was “religious/ spiritual/ mystical” experience, akin to that described in classical mystical literature.
Q: So what did you find out, which is the most beneficial method? How you are meditating now?
BeiYin: What do you expect as a result from meditation? What does it mean for you ‘being beneficial’? You are not satisfied with your meditation you are practising now? Do you need help with it?
Q: I only want to know what your technique is. I don’t need help.
BeiYin: I told you before that I have no technique. My meditation is more an attitude. If  you like to call it a ‘technique’ then it is the technique to be free of any technique. You might ask me what technique I have to breathe. Then I will tell you that I  have no technique: I just breathe. There is no technique necessary because breathing is a natural process which happens by itself. It starts when you are born and it stops when you leave your body. We only need to let it happen and don’t need to manipulate it at all.
You might ask me what technique I have to ‘live’. Then I will tell you that I have no special technique: I just live – trying to manipulate as little as possible. In the same sense as I am trying to eat food as little processed as possible, because this for sure is the most healthy.
I can teach you how you can become free of the many techniques you have adapted during your life time, from your education, society and your surrounding, but to free yourself from all programming, concepts and techniques you first must have a need to do so – the longing to go beyond all these conceptual images. As long as you are  looking for new techniques – more sophisticated and efficient than you are using now – I can’t tell you anything and anyway it will not make sense to you when I tell you something which doesn’t fit into your expectation of what you want to hear, because you have filled up your  personality with images how things should be.
If you feel  sick and you visit a doctor he will ask you: ‘What is your problem, in what can I help you?’ If you then say: ‘I don’t need help, I just want to know what do you think about health and disease and why and what techniques you are using to heal’. Then the doctor probably will tell you that you better read the book he has written about it, but that his office is not the place for lectures. He is willing to check your health situation and prescribe a treatment if necessary but he can’t satisfy you by talking about something that to understand needs a long research and study. –
So if you don’t need help with your meditation then I’m not going to tell you more.
Q: But you can tell me something about how you are doing it.
BeiYin: If  you never had a cool beer after hard work at a hot day and you ask me about the taste of beer, then I can try to describe it, but the most vivid description will not give you the taste and so the best would be that I give you a glass of beer to drink. But if you refuse this and instead want to talk about it more and more, – then I will deny to continue talking with you about it. We can talk hours about drinking and being thirsty. I am not interested in this kind of intellectual games. But if you tell me that you are thirsty, then I will offer you something to drink  (preferable a glass of water).
So if you need help with your meditation then you can ask. Then I will tell you to sit down, to close your eyes, etc. Then you will experience the taste direct without much talking about it. Then there will be further steps that can  be taken,  coming out of this experience.
Q: Yes, but it might be that I am afraid to ask and expect from you that you see this and help me with it.
BeiYin: Even I might see this, certain steps you have to take yourself. If I help you with it then this will create dependency and this for sure is a kind of game I am not going to support.
I have spoken with you before and I have  given you the space without pushing you. I had given you an example: If you are in a big city as a stranger and you are looking for a certain place, then you will need to ask. If you are afraid to ask and want to look for it by yourself or you expect that somebody will notice that you are lost and will ask you about it, then you probably will walk for hours until you are exhausted and then maybe you will – in spite of your fear – ask any body, but  then it would be clever to ask somebody who knows about it, such as a police officer or a travel guide. If you just ask anybody, then they might tell you something wrong and you start again your endless walk…
You ask the officer better directly for what you are looking for, it would be good not to talk about the taste of beer first – he might not be that patient like me. – And I am a travel guide since more than forty years in this city…
You are here at this place and meditating since two months by yourself and with instructions from books. I have offered you my help repeatedly and I have told you that you need to ask for it.
Q: Yes, but you don’t give me the feeling that I want to ask you…
Lourdes comment: There are persons who want to make their own experiences and they are afraid to face  somebody who gives clear advises so that they don’t have the freedom to make mistakes.
BeiYin: What do you think about a person who buys a sailing boat wanting to enjoy endless abundance of space from the ocean, but having just the basic theoretical knowledge about sailing taken from a book? If you are an experienced sailor and a friend of this person you will give some advises and maybe warn about the danger sailing into the open sea, etc. If  this person then rejects this advises telling that he wants to make his own experiences and mistakes, well…
Or if there is a person who wants to invest his money on the stock market without having any idea about it, but there is a friend who was a business person for forty years and want to give an advice but then this person says that he wants to make his own experiences and mistakes, not knowing how easy it is to lose everything. If this person doesn’t want to listen to an expert then there is no way to help.
Lourdes comment: All my life I was told  what to do and how to do it and so the moment came, when I just wanted things to do in my way with the risk of doing mistakes. I became a  rebel in everything and very angry…
BeiYin: As a step to independence this is alright – up to a certain degree, but when this attitude goes against yourself and becomes self-destructive then obviously it goes too far and it tells that you are depending on your strong self-image.
When a child out of protest against their parents who are telling again and again that it is dangerous to cross a street with a lot of traffic, telling what is the correct way to do it, when then the child wants to do its own way, then it is possible that it will be killed or at least hurt. If you want to meditate your way, OK, you can do it, it is not that dangerous, you are just wasting your energy by going into the wrong direction or just turning around yourself.
And it is very possible that you will give up meditation after a while because it might not work and with this loosing a great opportunity for your growing. So my responsibility is to give you a clear instruction and check that you do it correctly with the right attitude. If you don’t want this for whatever reason, that’s your thing. It  shows that you are probably not ready for it. But don’t try to draw me into your games, then blaming me for your disappointments…

Dea: Looking within is just not enough.
BeiYin: You are absolutely right. It is not enough because you are looking in the same way as you are looking to the outside to your inside, that can’t work. You are looking for a new sensation, an answer or that something marvellous happens. You need some advice. I suggest that you go to: http://falconblanco.com/release
There you find information and you can use it to look in the ‘right way’!
Dea: Tell me to look within and I will ask what am I looking for?
BeiYin: Good question! Stop looking! You know that for certain things to find, you better don’t look & then you will find. Something like: You can’t see the forest because of too many trees!
Dea: For I have meditated and I didn’t find self there! I have practised various techniques and I didn’t find self there, I have tried many keys of which didn’t fit. I am nuts?
BeiYin: Meditation is not practised to find something, you are doing it to prepare yourself for a more favourable condition that will make it possible to find!

So let’s stop talking and just do it…

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I suggest that you watch my video about meditation: