– o – o – o – o – o – o- o – o – o – o – o – o –

Who I am really? Where are we going?

Trapped in an erroneous picture world,
magical attraction of meaningful words
give us sense in our self created reality!

Expressions of common mind property, –
all spaces filled up with too many words!
There is no sharing of *truth*! What is it?

Finding confirmation for one’s self image
wanting much more to feed ego’s identity
getting one’s feeling of existence out of it?

Is there a way out of our established goals
that motivate all actions of our daily life?
Keeping us busy and occupied, confirmed!

When gathering with like minded people
we find support in what we like and seek
real information can be ignored as always.

No doubt: We are all stuck in a huge game
trying to fulfill goals and values in our life
as result from misunderstanding since long!

We can not come together electronically!
Isn’t missing there a most essential link?
It doesn’t feel right! What could this be?

Knowing that all answers will be filtered
accepted only when fit to one’s mindset
ignored or rejected – if pictures are hurt!

Isn’t it time now, – after all our struggling
to wake up – having some serious doubts
questioning oneself and our surrounding?

Words can have deep essential meaning
but will stay cold, not reaching hearts! –
Even though we share our best with all.

No knowledge, confirmation, manipulation
on whatever available used human level,
can make us *grow*, – – – just readiness!

When we share with others what we *are*
giving helping hands if there are needs –
together we go beyond mind’s boundaries.

Now I see: It needs one’s touching hand!
When looking directly into your eyes, –
*presence* will allow our energy to flow!

Then our words can reach other *beings*
meaning can help, but will stay ‘stand by’!
A real ‘wireless’ transmission is realized!

Through one’s ordinary life happenings –
as stepping stones on one’s pathless path
relating, responding, gaining *awareness*.

Reactions show clearly one’s old programs
where one is conditioned in one’s mindset
becoming aware of these – will free oneself.

Only one’s *awareness* makes it possible –
to see all the clever tricks to stay untouched.
These will drop by itself when going beyond.

Finally realizing that nameless – – *ONE* – –
free from sense-giving meaning or any form.
*B e i n g* is expanded beyond all horizons!

Walking the *pathless path* free and aimless
goals and values are falling together into one
*Spaceless space* – has been reached within!


I wrote this poem with the intention,
that it might provoke serious questions
coming out of one’s personal urge, –
to go beyond one’s old worn out ‘ego’
the illusion of a separated existence
manifested in an erroneous mindset!

This poem is the first after ten years

not having written any poetry.


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