I am trying to be creative by doing things that make sense to me. I am relating to what ever shows up in my daily life, being convinced that this is exactly what I need to learn, to grow and to heal myself. I see difficult situations and conditions as a challenge to which I am responding the best I am capable, taking self responsibility and being aware of my reactions that are caused.

I like to express myself sharing my experiences with others who might be open for it. I have found ways to deal creatively with problems that are part of our life, so that we don’t need to suffer more than necessary to be motivated to doubt our established existence and ask questions, – to find answers that can turn our life into a joyful adventure.

I am always ready to help others. I never do anything out of money interests. I do what feels right and is necessary. There is abundance if one is open to receive…

I have created a space on the middle of the island Ibiza, inmidst of unspoiled nature with many animals and plants. There is food and living space for more than twenty people, who could live together as a group of friends, being creative, expressing themselves in artistic ways and working on themselves and also doing practical things for others and the environment. We are open for new members.


FalconBlanco, Ibiza, Spain


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