Going Beyond…

Excerpt from an ‘After Dinner Talk with Friends ‘ at FalconBlanco

Bernhard: I find it quite interesting to listen to what you said the last time about ‘fake reality’ and such. But I think you are either completely crazy or I am too stupid to understand what you were talking about. I asked you now to explain it for a “simple” person like me because I would like to “get it”.
BeiYin: What you see as ‘Reality’ at the outside and also about your self, is the ‘image’ that is installed and stored in your personal brain computer,  what we call ‘mind’. This image of course is limited to your personal awareness and your history how and when you have received all the input from your surrounding.
Bernhard: Yes, but this image is my reality and that’s all what I have and so how can I deny this? Then I would loose my world and identity.
BeiYin: That’s the difficulty: Because you are identified with it so strongly, so you can’t and don’t want to have any doubts about it.  The question is, if you are content with your reality and self image?
Bernhard: Well, yes and no. I am constantly trying to make it better, to be able to feel more satisfied and content. That for sure is not easy in this world where every body is trying the same. So then life is a constant fight and struggle and to be honest about it: I’m not happy, not with myself and not with this world.
BeiYin: That’s the reason why you are drinking and smoking?
Bernhard: You are right, that makes me feel better.
BeiYin: You feel better, even though you somehow know, that you are destroying your body and your life. Wouldn’t it be better, to find out the reason why you don’t feel content and happy with yourself?
Bernhard: Yes I want to find out and that’s because I’m so interested what you are talking about, even though I don’t understand… Can’t you explain it to me in a more simple way? Just tell me, why my reality is a ‘fake reality’?
BeiYin: Because your reality is the product of your mindset and that is the result of the traditional way humanity has developed their thinking and so also their image of this world. This all is too much bound to the limited mind capacity and so the perception of people also is limited and the interpretation of what shows up must be a misinterpretation. To be able to receive something new, this must fit into the already stored knowledge, otherwise it will be rejected or ignored.
Bernhard: Is that the reason why I don’t understand what’s all about. I just want to know, why my reality is ‘fake’.
BeiYin: OK, I will give you an example: When you were a child, you were told by your parents, that Father Christmas was bringing the presents at Christmas. You were told, that you would get fulfilled your wishes if you have been well-behaving and that you would get punished if you have been naughty. You were believing this and out of this you were living your reality and conducting your life, trying not to be naughty. But you were afraid when christmas time arrived, because you haven’t been always a ‘good boy’. So ‘Father Christmas’ was real for you for several years, until you discovered the truth and the ‘reality’ from before became ‘fake’, because then you know, that your parents were buying the presents. You couldn’t see the ‘Father Christmas story’ as part of a manipulation that was done with you, but you might understand by now, that this is how the system works…
Bernhard: I had no problems with this when I found out about it. I was just wondering, why they made up such a silly story. But the same happened later, when I was told in school that there would be an old guy up there somewhere in heaven, called ‘God’ who is watching us… I also had no difficulties to drop those ridiculous stories later on. I was just wondering how so many people could believe such naive stories, when at the same time the same people were doing the contrary in their daily life, as that what they were told as ‘good’ to please their ‘God’. So I was honest enough not to cheat myself with a double moral and just did what is the most important for obviously every body and that is to make as much money as possible to fulfill ones needs and wishes.
BeiYin: So then you were happy and satisfied?
Bernhard: Yes, for quite some time, but there are things one can’t buy and so there was still something missing, even though I didn’t really know what it was, after I tried many things.
BeiYin: And then you started smoking and drinking, right?
Bernhard: Well, this came together with other things that I tried to find some sense and satisfaction. When all these didn’t work out, then I was left just with smoking, drinking and as you can see: with eating. But I’m still missing something and that’s why I’m interested in what you are talking about.
BeiYin: What you are missing, is the freedom of not wearing your straitjacket of your mindset with that you are so strongly are identified, that it seems as if nothing else would exist. What you are longing for is to experience your existence without the programming that has been done with you through all the influences and manipulation that you have received all your life long. You could avoid, to go deeper into irrational belief systems, engaging yourself emotionally, but falling into the trap of the materialistic world view, doesn’t make it easier, when you arrive at the end of this ‘one-way-street’.
Bernhard: I am a normal person, how could I know, that all the information I have received in my life is based on a ‘fake reality’? As obviously nobody has any doubts about it, so how could I NOT fall into this common trap?
BeiYin: Of course you couldn’t, but you can now understand where you are and that you are the product of all those influences, that are coming out of the misinterpretation of reality since beginning of mankind’s  history.
Bernhard: Yes, I can understand, that we in our world view and how we see ourselves, are the result of all those traditionally established though models. But the human species is still developing and so will find a way out of the ‘one-way-street’.
BeiYin: The first step out of it, is being aware of your situation and condition and then look for a solution that is not the result of your erroneous way of thinking, – that has brought you in the first place into this situation, – from that you have the urge to free yourself.
Bernhard: Once we are aware of the fake reality, what do we do with it? How to live? Just consciously picking a role or several roles to play? Is it possible not to play at all?
BeiYin: When you are aware of the fake reality in that you have been living for so long without having any doubt about it, then you will be very critical about what ever shows up, mainly observing and then relating to it in a different way than you have done until now.
You will realize that you are in a *growing* process and you can have the *trust* that what ever you need will show up and then you can relate to it and respond out of your best intention, – using it in a creative way.
Bernhard:  I can agree with this about subjective things like feelings, but the physical world around us is the same for everyone and I’m sure there is nothing fake about it, because everyone can see and touch the same things and these must look and feel the same way for everyone.
BeiYin: You don’t seem to be confused at all about this ‘physical world’, every thing has its place, its name, its sense. You are sure about this? At least that’s how you want to see it, as it gives you a certain security. A frame in that every thing belongs.
Bernhard: Well, – yes. Although it happens sometimes that my view of this physical world becomes a bit shaky and this for sure is not comfortable. Now I can see that this happens in the moment when the alcohol level in my blood goes down and then I need to recover…
BeiYin: …by drinking. So you numb yourself, not to realize that there is no stable reality you can hold on by clinging on a ‘physical world’, – after your breakdown when having realized that your inner world can’t give you this needed security.
Bernhard: I can hear you talking and it seems I can understand the words, but I don’t understand what the heck you are talking about! There is no sense at all for me in all this! Am I too stupid to understand or what is it? Now I’m really confused and want to go…
BeiYin: No, you are not stupid! Now you can make the experience, how your system: your personality, is protecting itself: By closing down your mental function, so that you can ignore and don’t understand. Look at yourself: Now you have the need to drink something because fear shows up to loose the rest of security. Now you can make the experience, that this is fake and not needed! Close your eyes and feel your *existence*! There is no need to numb yourself, you *are* and you can just *be*! Having realized this *awareness*, you have freed yourself. This gained state of *being* you don’t need to hide or to demonstrate, you just can live it! You can enjoy it without having to do anything for it! With this state of being you are *free* as you don’t depend on the outside with any kind of condition. You don’t need any confirmation from the outside and others. That’s the *freedom* who have gained and that you are!
Bernhard: Wow!  – – – I’m speechless, but I can see something… Yes, I’m aware and now I understand, – not from my mind, – its from my *being* beyond understanding… You have answered my question!


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