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What survives when being ‘reborn’?

December 20, 2009

Reborn out of the MudWhat survives the process of dismantling beliefs, concepts and ones self-image?

The ‘old foundation of Self’ is established in one’s personality with one is completely identified. With all the property that we have established during our personal life through education and all kind of influences that we have received, mainly as being part of society. Included of course in our personality is also being identified with our body, mind and emotions and all the experiences with sensations that are coming out of these, that are mostly reactions provoked by outside conditions and happenings. Most frustration and disappointments and all stress we cause by holding tied our concepts and our self-image and we live with the discrepancy between the daily reality that shows up and the unconscious program that we have installed.
The image ‘being reborn’ is loaded with spiritual/religious concepts, but it is simply the result of ‘dismantling’ the personality. What ‘survives’ the growing process of an individual after being ‘transformed’ is not possible to describe without using images that are already part of our conceptual world.
So, – what survives is the awareness of ones *pure existence*, what does not exclude ones vehicles that one will continue to use: Ones body, mind and emotions. In this ‘reborn’ state of being are no identification games involved. Then indeed you are: “self-confident, gentle, kind and joyful with yourself and others” beside many other new features that are real and authentic and not just the intention to live ones concepts.
One can share ideas, but with these one can not answer such a question, except by turning around it. The answer can only come out of a state having gone through the process of transformation and realization. Even though then this answer only can use words that are part of our limited conceptual world view. Our life is a learning, growing and healing process and we all will come to the state when we will have realized ourself and will leave our personality behind, that is just an illusion and part of our fake reality we are living in this society in its present state of transition, – to a new step of our human evolution…
What might be the following question?
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